The hardest worker in the room?

A guy walked into the gym this morning in the middle of my workout with a shirt on that said "Hardest Worker in the Room."

It's interesting where you're motivation comes from sometimes.

I wasn't comparing myself to this guy and what he was doing — he and I were doing very different workouts — but that shirt got to me. It challenged me. It ignited something in me.

I was having what I felt was a really good workout up to that point. I was sweating like crazy, and I was feeling strong. However, when I saw this guy and his shirt, I said to myself that I was not going to let this guy be the hardest worker in the room. That was going to be me. So I made sure of it. The intensity of my workout ramped up. I found a new gear.

He didn't know it, but all of a sudden, he and I — and everyone else in that gym — were in competition.

Being the hardest worker in the room is relative to where you're at in your fitness journey. I've been at this "fitness thing" for more than five years now, so what is hard for me looks very different from someone just starting out, and vice versa. In this respect, it's silly to compare yourself to anyone else.

But you can control the energy and effort you put into your workout. No matter your workout, you can be the one working the hardest to achieve your goals.

The key takeaway is this: Go into every workout with this mentality — that no one else can match you or outwork you. Do this, and you'll get results. The results that YOU want.

Because comparing effort is one thing. Trying to compare results is another. You cannot compare your results to someone else's results. It's not fair to yourself or to the other person.

But know this: If you wear a shirt that says "Hardest Worker in the Room," you better be prepared to work for that title ... especially if I'm in the gym.