Make age just a number, not an excuse


You might recall, my dad was the first Featured Fit Dad on this site, having been a major source of inspiration for me all my life. He's an example of how age is not an excuse to surrender your health and well-being.

If you needed proof, my dad turned 60 in June, and to celebrate, my brother-in-law and I took him on a hike up in the mountains near Silverthorne, Colorado.

As we climbed to just above 11,000 feet on a five-hour trek through Aspen forests, rocky terrain, evergreen forests, across streams and along ridges, my dad hung the whole way, proving that if you take care of yourself, treat your body right through diet and exercise, and make the effort, you can remain active and fit far longer than society would expect.

In a world where my dad qualifies for senior citizen discounts, to see him in the physical state that he's in as a 60-year-old man continues to inspire me. I want to be able to do the same things with my children when I am 60, and my dad is setting the ultimate example of how to make it happen.

Michael AshfordComment