The Friday Reflex: Patience

Each Friday, I'll be posting quick-hitting thoughts about the major topic that's been on my mind this past week. I'm calling it The Friday Reflex. This week's topic: patience.

Don't rush. Be patient.

In fitness. In your career. In school. In life.

With yourself. With others. With circumstances you both can and cannot control.

Plan. Execute. Do.

Get in the habit of setting goals for yourself. Real, tangible, sticky, important goals. Then wake up every day and do something - anything - to see that you meet those goals.

Work hard every day to prove to yourself that your end goal is worth it. Let setbacks fuel your will to work harder, not handicap you from working at all.

The goal is not perfection, but demand that you get better each day. Make progress and the results will come.

Never let other peoples' words or actions negatively affect you. Be above it.

And be patient.

Don't ruin long-term success chasing short-term gains.