Welcome to Fit Dad Fitness!


Welcome to Fit Dad Fitness.

My name is Michael. I am a father and a fitness nut. My two children are my pride and joy, and going to the gym and working out is my greatest interest away from my faith and my family.

This site, FitDadFitness.com, is my attempt to use two of the things I'm most passionate about - my role as a father and my fitness lifestyle - to encourage other fathers on their journeys.

My goal is simple: Encourage dads to be more involved in their children's lives, using fitness as the avenue to foster those deeper, healthier relationships between fathers and their kids.

Helping dads be more involved in their childrens' lives is the core of what I hope to do with Fit Dad Fitness. Too often, fathers zone out in their own world of TV or video games or work or any other distractions, and over time, lose valuable connections with their children because of these things. Children - boys and girls - need their daddies. And dads need to make sure their kids don't get lost in the same rut of TV or video games or other meaningless activities that contribute to unhealthy, overweight kids.

Being an involved dad not only means being an active participant in your child's life and providing the mature guidance and direction they need, but it also means that you make healthy life choices so that you can be around for your kids as they grow older and start families of their own.

Who knows where all this will go over time, but you can be sure that at Fit Dad Fitness, I'll offer up practical fitness advice (make no mistake, I am not a certified personal trainer, just fitness obsessed), I'll tell stories of my own journey as a father and as a guy who chose to make a healthier lifestyle for himself and for his family, I'll try to give dads ideas on ways they can use fitness and health to relate to their kids and be the positive influence on their lives that fathers should be, I'll feature other fit dads who are doing it right, and hopefully, I'll inspire some dads out there to get improve their fitness and be more involved in making sure their children do the same.

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