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Equipping fathers to live active, involved, healthy lives with their children

My Transformation

My name is Michael Ashford.

I’m just like you. I’ve got a family, I’ve got a full-time job (as a marketing executive at a software company), and I’ve got my hobbies and passions.

But in 2012 when I went to the beach with my wife and then-almost-2-year-old son, and my wife snapped the picture of me you see on the left, I saw the picture and was hit with the reality that I was not doing all I could to ensure I was taking care of myself — for my sake and for my family’s sake.

I was merely getting by, and I decided to change.

In the years since, I’ve dedicated myself to living a healthy, active lifestyle by working out at least five times a week. I’ve changed my diet, for health reasons (gluten intolerance) and because so much of our health is directly linked to the foods we consume.

In July 2016, I became a certified personal trainer (NASM-CPT), further enhancing my dedication to fitness and health.

I want to pass my love of fitness and health on to my kids – I have a son and a daughter – and also be healthy myself so that I can live a long, fulfilling life as I grow older. I want to give other busy fathers ideas for how to remain fit and active themselves and use that lifestyle to stay involved in their kids’ lives instead of checking out, as I see so many fathers doing.

Fit Dad Fitness is all about equipping fathers to live an active, involved, healthy life with their children.

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• Learn more about my custom, one-on-one coaching

• Read my transformation story as highlighted by Train Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine.

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16 Goals of Fitness

  1. Commitment – To yourself and the process

  2. Work Hard – Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth it

  3. Perseverance – Don’t let setbacks beat you

  4. Improve – Every day is an opportunity to get better

  5. Be Tough – Mentally and physically

  6. Self-Discipline – Do it even when no one is watching

  7. Great Effort – Give your very best every time

  8. Enthusiasm – Attack your health and fitness with passion

  9. Be Positive – Negativity or fear are counter-productive

  10. Accountability – Be honest with yourself and others

  11. Don’t Accept Quitting – If you do so one time it will be easy to do so for the rest of your life

  12. No Self-Limitations – Expect more of yourself

  13. No Shortcuts – Do it right the first time, every time

  14. Consistency – Do it until it becomes who you are

  15. Challenge Yourself – Push beyond the limits of what you think you’re capable of

  16. Responsibility – You are responsible for your performance


Online Fitness Coaching & Training

Kickstarting Your Fitness Journey

I’d love to work with you to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Whether its gym workout plans, at-home programs, nutritional advice or anything else health- and fitness-related, I can help.

As an NASM-CPT online fitness coach, I can work with anyone, anywhere, and everything is customized specifically for your needs and your goals. I’ll work with you to formulate a plan and provide you the following services:

  • Initial Fitness Assessment & Goal Setting

    • A thorough dive into your current level of fitness, as well as your health and injury history

    • One-on-one video session to discuss your goals, your challenges, your likes and dislikes, and your capacity

  • Customized Workout Plans

    • A completely unique plan developed for you to align with your goals, abilities, and access to equipment.

    • A science-backed approach to phased workouts that appropriately progress you toward your goals.

  • Access to Client App with Training Videos

    • Every workout includes the order of exercises, the number of sets and reps, the tempo, rest periods, and any further instruction to give you confidence during your workout.

  • Check-Ins, Encouragement & Motivation

    • Weekly check-ins — often daily — via in-app messaging

    • Monthly progress reviews

    • 24-7 access for questions, support, motivation, exercise critiques and more

  • Nutritional Advice

    • I am not a certified nutritionist; however, I often provide my clients a nutrition plan and guidance that aligns their food intake with their exercise plan to deliver optimal results

    • Work with you to develop calorie targets and macronutrient ratios throughout each phase of your program


Free Downloadable eBooks

14 Fit Rules for Fit Dads 2.png

14 Fit Rules for Fit Dads

My latest eBook, 14 Fit Rules for Fit Dads, offers practical tips and lessons for any dad looking to up his fitness game.

This quick-hitting eBook provides training and nutrition advice, as well as effective resources that you can use to broaden your knowledge of health and fitness and set yourself up for success as you strive for your goals.

At the end of the eBook, I also discuss what it means to be a Fit Dad and why paying attention to your physical health and well-being is so important — not just for your sake, but for the sake of your family as well.

And its totally free — no questions asked! I want this information in the hands of every dad, so enjoy, and share it with a friend.


Grow Your Own Tomatoes

One of the reasons I started Fit Dad Fitness was to pass along the ideas and techniques that have worked for me when it comes to beginning a fitness program, remaining dedicated to it, and eating healthier to ensure you maximize the time you spend being active.

This free eBook, Grow Your Own Tomatoes, is all about encouraging others to live an active, fit, healthy lifestyle; to not check out when it comes to your health, fitness and well-being; and to not rely on others to provide the results that only hard work, patience and effort can produce.

And its totally free — no questions asked! I won’t even ask you for your email. I want this information in the hands of every dad, so enjoy, and share it with a friend.

Let’s start planting.

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