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Encouraging fathers to live active, involved, healthy lives with their children

Welcome to Fit Dad Fitness! My name is Michael Ashford.

In 2012, I was sick of being the skinny guy, I was not OK with being unhealthy, and I wanted to better myself for the sake of my children and my family.

So I rearranged my life and dedicated myself to getting in the gym to drastically change my body for the better. Since making this change, I have been inspired to help other dads out there ditch the “dad bod” and become fit dads themselves.

This site is meant to encourage fathers to take the same leap — to take control of their health and fitness so they can be as active and involved with their children as possible…for as long as possible.


The Fit Dad Fitness Podcast is all about bring you interviews and content with real dads who are living out the Fit Dad lifestyle.


Project Size

Over the years, I learned through trial and error and through educating myself on workout splits, rep ranges and nutrition what worked and what didn’t when it came to achieving my goal of adding size and definition to my frame. Now, you can download FOR FREE the initial workouts that helped me add size and muscle to my frame.


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